beauty loves the beast

From a college paper on Beauty and the Beast to a much later series of paintings on Beauty and the Beast…

From a student painting of circles at the University of New Orleans, to my current fascination with the interlocking circles of sacred geometry…

From reading When God Was A Woman in the early 70′s to my ongoing visual exploration of the role of the Goddess in our modern world…

Judith Shaw

From my very first oil painting of a tree to my ongoing fascination with trees, in particular olive trees— I still see the early influences of Jackson Pollack’s abandon, and Van Gogh’s emotionality, as well as my studies of myth and world culture.

After New Orleans, I went to Mexico and soaked in that culture’s bright colors and folk art before returning to school at the San Francisco Art Institute, who boasts association with world-class artists like Mark Rothko and Clyfford Still.

When I graduated with my BFA, I moved to the Greek island of Lesbos where, immersed in the  beauty of the island, I painted for two years before my earlier studies of the ancient world appeared in my work as small figures of the Goddess.

I returned to San Francisco and found the Goddess becoming a consistent theme—for ten years—alongside the influences of Marija Gimbutas, an archeologist who uncovered art from the Goddess worshiping civilizations along the Black Sea, circa 6000 BC.

In 2001 I returned from a trip to China to my current home of New Mexico and found strong geometric marks appearing in my paintings. Later I discovered these were the same patterns found in sacred geometry.

Like the small acorn that becomes a mighty oak tree, the quiet voice of my intuition continues to plant seeds of inspiration, as I watch, amazed at how life unfolds in a synchronistic flow of study, travel, and painting.