Commissioned Work

Remember your loved ones for years to come with an art portrait.

cali portrait, drawing by Judith ShawA favorite old photo of your parents, yourself, your child, your pet or whoever you like can become a beautiful personalized art portrait.


Here are a couple of portraits I’ve recently been commissioned to create.

Pastel portrait, by Judith Shaw








Perhaps you have a particular concept in mind which you’d like to see realized in paint.

Here’s a piece I did upon request for something related to bicycles.

Beach Cruiser, painting by Judith Shaw

A friend who is an avid gardener and an exquisite cook commissioned be to create a sunflower painting.  Wanting to give her choice I painted three and she chose two of them.  Here they are.

Sunflower Rising, gouache on paper, 18"x12"


Sunflowers Dancing, gouache on paper, 12"x18"









woman and moon painting by Judith Shaw

My latest commissioned piece is this image of a woman looking at the moon over the mountains.  That’s what my customer asked for – I added the river.  This piece is done with gouache on paper.

If you would like a print of one of my paintings please visit my art store.  If the one you want is not there just contact me and I can make it for you.