It’s All Connected

It’s All Connected – I Mean Really – It’s All Connected

I heard an interview with the scientist and environmentalist, David Suzuki, on the radio a few days ago.  He gave an amazing description of how we’re all connected.  In the Pacific Northwest it all comes down to the salmon and nitrogen.

The salmon, who run up the rivers to spawn, bring lots of nitrogen with them.  It’s stored in their bodies from the food they eat in the oceans.  Bears and eagles and other critters eat the salmon and then leave their poop, filled with nitrogen, on the forest floor, which feeds the trees and helps them grow.  Of course the salmon need the trees also, to keep the rivers cool and to provide their food.

A quick miniature canvas of a little birdie.

Even more amazing is that the part of the salmon the bears leave behind gets consumed by flies who then lay their eggs.  These eggs, loaded with nitrogen hatch in the spring just as birds from South American are flying north to have their little birdies.  So now the nitrogen is in the birds who will eventually head back down South and leave some of it there. Plus many of the salmon die in the river, leaving behind a rich layer of nitrogen on the river bed.

So the oceans are linked to the rivers and lakes, which are linked to the forest which is linked to South America.  It’s all connected.  It’s all one whole

Hearing this explanation reminded me that I had a dream vision a few months ago which I had jotted down in my journal.  My vision was one of trees and humans and other mammals all connected in one great matrix.  Now I’ve got rivers and fish and birds to add to this vision.  I feel a new painting about to begin.

Click here to view a video of Suzuki on this topic.