Oracle Card Decks – Readings with Judith

Oracle Cards Decks are a great tool to add to your spiritual self-care toolkit. Use oracle cards for help tapping into your intuition. Oracle cards with their messages from spirit, guide you to the wisdom of your higher self.

Tarot Cards vs Oracle cards – Both systems are great! Tarot cards use a fixed system consisting of 78 cards. No matter what subject the artist has decided to use, the meaning of each card remains the same. It’s best to have a deep understanding of these meanings to be able to effectively interpret the cards’ messages.

Oracle cards offer a more free-flowing system of searching for meaning to life events and questions. The artist can choose any subject for the artwork – goddesses, animals, angels, flowers, trees, moon, cats, stars – basically whatever she is drawn to. Likewise oracle decks have as many cards as the artist decided to create. Most decks come with a guidebook and/or the creator’s ideas on the symbolism right on the cards.

How to Use Oracle Cards – Anyone can read oracle cards. Choose a deck you resonate with and get started. After shuffling the deck choose one or more cards. Sit with the card quietly and see what intuition kicks in for you. The meaning might come to you later or in a dream. Once you have allowed your own intuition to give you feedback then you can look in the guidebook to see what the creator of the deck has to say. With time you will find your connection to the cards deepening.

But sometimes it seems hard to read for yourself, feeling blindsided by your own negative self-talk about the difficulty. Most likely you’ve been to an arts and craft show and seen people offering tarot or oracle card readings for the folks. Now with the wonders of the internet and Zoom, readings can be done remotely – anytime and anywhere.

Oracle Card Reading with Judith – Judith brings a lifetime of creative work, esoteric studies and deep reflection on symbols, myth and legend to her practice as an Oracle Card Reader. She strives to be of service with her Oracle Card Readings and help you navigate the challenges of our changing world.  

You choose which deck you’d like to work with – her Celtic Goddess Oracle deck or her Animal Wisdom Oracle deck. As the creator of the decks, which each took five years of research and painting to complete, Judith has found a channel opened from that engagement which now flows easily into her intuitive nature.

Unless you are local, sessions are held via Zoom.
$20 – 20 minute session
$40 – 40 minute session

Contact Judith here. Book your oracle card reading and get started tapping into your own intuition. Gift yourself a bit of spiritual self-care.