Celtic Goddess Oracle Deck with Guidebook


Discover the wisdom of the Celtic Goddesses.

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Let the wisdom of the Goddess be your Spirit Guide. Explore the magical world of Celtic Goddesses and gain access to your own intuition with this unique 34 card deck of Pagan Goddesses. Use the deck for healing, guidance and insight into your own personal challenges and questions. Work alone or with a group of friends.

Prints of various sizes of all the original art used in creating my deck are also available.

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Customer Reviews (from other sources of purchase)

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“I love the cards – beautiful and inspiring.” – Gabriel, USA

“Today, I desperately needed guidance re: a love affair. As usual, your cards hit the mark. I truly connect with their energies. Thanks for this gift. “- Jodi, USA

“I do editing work, and the writing in your Goddess Oracle booklet is some of the best I have read on the subject! In fact, I have several (G)oddess books, and your words have been the most enlightening. It is clear, concise and so wonderfully fulfilling spiritually. So, not only is your artwork spectacular but your writing is fantastic! Thank you so much for this powerful work:)” – Lori, USA

“Came much quicker than expected. Very pleased with purchase and service.” – Sep 12, 2019  – Tioreasa

“The cards are pieces of art. The book is wonderful, with knowledge and rare gathered information. And the Lady is wonderfully kind. I am very very happy with my oracle!” – July 18, 2019 – Carolyne

“This is a truly beautiful deck and that I am proud to be an owner of. The cards come in a lovely bag with the book that tells you so many things about each Goddess.” – May 22, 2019 – Emma

“The Oracle cards are wonderful. The illustrations are beautiful and very evocative; so easy to enter into. The interpretations of Celtic spirituality in the guidebook are profound and moving, obviously the result of extensive exploration, consideration, and experience – no superficial, fluffy “new age” presentations here. I’m grateful for Judith’s work.” – May 18, 2019 – Julia


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