The Power of Intention

The Power of Intention
published on August 2, 2011

I believe this is what has happened for me – I’ve reached a plateau where the sustained consciousness and information is now energy which is becoming matter.

For my whole life I’ve know that one of my main purposes in life is to create art which expresses the beauty and oneness of everything.

Every time I’d start to move in the direction which allowed me to actually make my living as an artist, I’d break away into fear.  My intentions to create art remained the same but my choices of how to spend my time (energy) shifted because of the fear.

Of couse the energy would then shift too and I’d find my material world full of a different energy than that of an artist.  I’d see materialized the energy of a waitress or a teacher or a video producer over and over again.

Any one of these things are fine in and of themselves.  They just aren’t fine for me, as my soul seems to shrivel and lose its shine in direct correlation to the loss of time for painting.  I know it’s archaic, but what’s a painter to do.

It’s now been five months since I decided to no longer consider myself as unemployed but to claim my power as a self-employed artist.  Some days I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pay the next bill but then I take a deep breathe and return to my intentions, belief and choices which then brings in the energy which then materializes. And then I pay my bills, staying on my new plateau, manifesting in the world as an artist.  I maintain a state of gratitude to my Angels for their help.